Tudor Life

In Class 11, we have been looking at Tudor life for rich and poor people including their clothes, homes and food. We have compared Tudor life to our own life and how we have been inspired by the Tudor but luckily also changed many of their ways! Have a look Read more…

Forces Trip!

Year 5 spent a jam-packed, exciting day at the Museum of Science and Industry learning about forces! We started with a forces show where children showed their knowledge by joining in with the interactive performance. We then explored the museum including the hands on experiment room, the power hall (learning Read more…

Olympic Ordering Decimals

Class 11 used their mastery skills and perseverance to be on the Olympic panel in Maths! Children had the decimal scores of a heptathalon event and had to order the scores of 10 Athletes. This was particularly challenging as some events were in ascending order (hurdles) and some were in Read more…

Internet Safety

KS2 attended a special assembly today focusing on being safe online. All classes in KS2 will also take part in a workshop highlighting the ways in which we can all ensure we are safe when using the internet.

The race is on!

For half-term homework, Class 11 created their own homemade boats for a race! As part of our forces topic, we focused this week on water resistance. We discussed how streamlined shapes would be the best design due to the pointed front and curved back to allow the water to flow Read more…

Clay Tudor Roses

Class 11 have designed, created and evaluated Tudor roses as part of our D&T lesson in Linked Learning. We discussed how the Tudor rose was created by joining the White Rose of York and the red rose of Lancaster when Henry VII married Elizabeth of York. Many children found the clay rose  (partly the petals) quite tricky to use and we evaluated how we could improve this skill in the future. Have a look at our clay designs below.


Yoga in Class 11

Class 11  took part in a yoga session today to continue with Mental Health week and to help us with our assessment focus. We practiced many tricky poses including butterfly pose, cobra, tree pose and planks. We focused on our breathing and balancing to perfect these poses. We then finished Read more…

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