New netball posts! Shooting practice

First morning netball session after half term spent testing out our new netball nets. We developed the correct position to shoot and miss Bishop was impressed with the amount of goals we scored. High 5 netball means we all have to play a mixture of positions including shooters!

Jazz music

In music we have been learning about jazz music. We have looked at how jazz came about where it originated. We have listened and appraised a range of songs and have played the glockenspiels and are learning to play the recorder . 

Malteser madness to show Forces

This week, Class 11 started our Forces topic in Science. We watched some exciting experimental videos of the scientist Brian Cox and discussed new terminology such as gravity, air resistance, friction and Newtons. This first lesson was focused on balanced and unbalanced forces so we tried this with Maltesers! We Read more…

Calculating Perimeters Outside

Class 11 have been learning how to find and calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes this week. We then took this learning outside to the playground in our Maths lesson! In groups with meter sticks and trundle wheels, children worked out the perimeter of many objects including the shed, various Read more…

Christmas in Class 11

This week, Class 11 said goodbye to Mrs Coombes and wished her lots of luck and wishes in her new job. We also took part in the KS2 Carol Concert performing ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ and ‘In Summer’ from Frozen. Children dressed Richard up as a snowman Read more…

Hour of Code

Class 11 enjoyed taking part in the global Hour of Code week! We started by watching a video of celebrities describing how important coding is for the future. We then tried to guide Kyle round the classroom using coding and then applied this knowledge to some challenging apps.  

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