WW1 Artefacts

Year 6 used WW1 aretfacts  from Touchstones Museum to deepen their understanding of WW1. We looked at different items including coloured poppies and their representations, a wooden dummy rifle, mess tins, a white feather for cowardice and a Princess Mary tin. Children also had the opportunity to smell aroma cubes Read more…

Circuit Training

Class 14 completed different exercises during a circuit training session. They also practiced their shooting skills for their next netball lesson. They finished the PE lesson with a competitive game of dodgeball.

Cam Prototypes

In our D&T lessons in Year 6, we learnt about mechanisms and cams. We made a simple cam mechanism of a moving toy as a prototype including pear shaped cams and snail drop cams. Next week we will design our final product and adjust our initial ideas from our prototype Read more…

Gratitude Postcards

In RHE, Class 14 wrote gratitude postcards to members of staff in school who they were grateful for. Children discussed many people around school who help them including lunchtime staff, cleaners, caretakers, teaching staff, administrative staff and many more. Have a look at the children delivering their gratitude postcards below.

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