Brass Tuition

Class 9 have been enjoying their music lessons from Rochdale Music Service. Mr Dixon has been in school for the last three weeks, teaching us how to play the cornet. So far, we have learnt the notes ‘C’, ‘D,’ and ‘E’.

Excellent Electricity

This half term, Class 9 have been learning all about electricity. We have been exploring how to build a circuit, thinking carefully about the components needed to make the bulb light up. We also investigated  different materials to see which would conduct electricity.

Netball Superstars

This half term in PE, we are learning to play netball. We have practiced the different passes (chest pass, bounce pass & overhead pass) and have practiced pivoting round on one foot, as netball players aren’t allowed to move when in possession of the ball. This week, we looked at Read more…

PLT Election

This week in Class 9, we held our election for our Primary Leadership Team representatives. The winning candidates were Nicola and Lily-Mae. The candidates were asked to design their dream school and then we held an anonymous vote to select the two who the children thought had the best ideas. 

Christmas Videos

Due to the current situation regarding Coronavirus and large gatherings we have been unable to have our traditional Nativity plays and carol concert. However, the children (and teachers!) have not let this dampen their spirits and each class has produced a video performance for you to watch. There’s singing, dancing, Read more…

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