Investigating sound

On Friday class 6 learnt all about Alexander Graham Bell and looked at telephones through the years. To investigate sound we made our own string telephones, and with different variables – long string, short string, holding the cups loose or tight, and wool – we investigated how sound travels through Read more…

Penguin Small

In class 6 our PE topic for this half term is dance. We have been reading the story of penguin small and putting actions with the story through dance. We have practiced counting to the beat and carrying out moves in unison and in a canon.

Tens and ones

In Class 6 we have been refreshing our brains of all our maths skills before we start our Power Maths next week. We were able to use dienes to show the tens and ones in lots of 2-digit numbers. Miss sharp was very impressed when we could add and take Read more…

Shell Art

During our Linked Learning lessons we have been learning all about the seaside. As part of our topic we have created some shell art work. We developed the art pieces through creating observational drawings of shells. We studied the beach shells carefully drawing the correct shapes, patterns and lines to Read more…

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