Gratitude Postcards

In RHE, Class 14 wrote gratitude postcards to members of staff in school who they were grateful for. Children discussed many people around school who help them including lunchtime staff, cleaners, caretakers, teaching staff, administrative staff and many more. Have a look at the children delivering their gratitude postcards below.

First Aid

As part of our RHE lessons, we have had the opportunity to learn first aid skills. First Aid is the help and care that we can give to someone who is sick or injured before full medical help arrives. Class 10 were taught how to practise basic first aid skills, Read more…

RHE – Express Yourself

In celebration of  Children’ s Mental Health Week we have encouraged the children to express themselves!  We started the week by drowning a monster; each feature of our monsters represented part of our personality! We also took part in a live assembly, which allowed us to hear different famous faces Read more…

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Class 14 have been discussing Anti-Bullying during our assemblies this week. Today children watched a BBC video about a girl who bullied other children and why did this. She then changed her attitude to display kindness and the affect this had on herself and others. After the video, children discussed Read more…

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