Exploring Weight

In reception we have been exploring weight. We have been using scales to weigh and order objects. We baked biscuits and used the scales to help us identify which ingredient was the heaviest and which ingredient was the lightest. We found that flour was the heaviest ingredient we used and Read more…

Money, money, money!

In Class 1 we have started learning about the different values of coins. We have been matching coins to their numerical values, sorting coins, and using coins in a range of role play situations from a grocery shop to buying tickets for a journey into space!    

3 2 1… Blast off!

Children in Class 1 have had an astronomical start to our space topic this term! We have been reading facts about space and have learnt lots of new vocabulary. This week we have been practising using these new words in a range of role play activities.

Music Makers

Children in Class 1 have really enjoyed playing a range of percussion instruments in their Music lessons. We have been practising tapping out the pulse to different music and repeating rhythms using the instruments, as well as learning to sing the songs ‘Wind the bobbin up’ and ‘five little monkeys’.

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