Super 60 Challenge

Class 6 thoroughly enjoyed completing a variety of activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Autistic Society and raise awareness for World Autism Acceptance Week. Autism affects how people communicate and interact with the world.       .

Describe the way

This week Class 6 have been able to complete a number of maths sessions outside. They have been using directional language such as clockwise and anti-clockwise, quarter turns, forwards, backwards, left and right to direct each other around a grid.  


The children in Class 6 have been learning about the importance of phrasing questions and that certain data-handling resources are limited in the answers they can provide.  Using Purple Mash avatars the children explored how we can use a range of yes/no questions to separate the different avatars so we Read more…

British Science Week

 Class 6 enjoyed taking part in British Science Week 2022. The theme for British Science Week this year was ‘Growth’.  Class 6 explored the soil around school and learnt about the hidden world of wonderful, working worms. Worms are incredible recycling engineers, creating super soil for everything that grows, including trees, Read more…

History in Class 6

Today we have been finding out about historical sources and how they help us to find out about things that have happened in the past. In groups, we looked at different sources about the 1969 moon landing such as newspaper reports, photographs, magazine covers and special stamps from this time. Read more…

Safer Internet Day!

This week, Class 6 celebrated Safer Internet Day. We looked closely at the different ways we use technology to communicate with others, how we can form respectful relationships with others and keep ourselves safe and healthy while online. While we made online safety chatterboxes, we discussed how we communicate with Read more…

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