Festivals of Light 🎆

The children have been learning all about Diwali; the festival of light.  They listened to the story of Rama and Sita and made diya lamps from clay and sequins, decorated mehndi patterns and rangoli patterns using coloured sand. Then they learnt the story of Guy Fawkes and listened to how Read more…

What is prayer?

This week in RE, Class 8 have been looking at prayer and why Christians pray. We learnt that Christians pray as a way of communicating with God – it’s like a conversation. You can pray anywhere, anytime and there are different ways of praying such as singing as a group Read more…

All About Shavuot

In this morning’s assembly, we learnt all about Shavuot; the Jewish harvest festival that takes place 6 weeks after Passover. Shavuot is celebrated to mark the receiving of the Torah from God at Mount Sinai. Take a look at this video, which explains the festival in more detail:

Sikhism research

  We we have been researching about Sikhism and who the founder and gods were. We used the child friendly search engine KidRex to find interesting facts! We then shared our research with one another to develop ur learning!

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