Clay turtles

In class 3 we have been learning about sculptures. During our DT lesson this week we have started to mould and sculpt our clay turtles that the children have been designing. Very messy but lots of fun!      

Crumble Computing Club

Children in Year 6 (and the digital leaders) have been attending a  computing after-school club where they have been exploring how to build and code physical computer systems using Crumble software. So far, they have built and coded a system using lights and motors and this week explored how to  Read more…

Make Do and Mend

In our Design and Technology sessions this term, we have been putting our sewing skills to the test turning recycled clothes into  snazzy new accessories. From T shirts to pillowcases, we have transformed our garments into handy bags. Let’s look at some of our creations.

Cam Prototypes

In our D&T lessons in Year 6, we learnt about mechanisms and cams. We made a simple cam mechanism of a moving toy as a prototype including pear shaped cams and snail drop cams. Next week we will design our final product and adjust our initial ideas from our prototype Read more…

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