3D Rivers

Class 14 used their knowledge of rivers from previous weeks to plan and create a 3D model of a river. Using co-operation, children designed the model and decided which equipment they needed. They then made the river and labelled the technical vocabulary such as source, mouth, waterfall and meander. Can Read more…

We Love LEGO!

Today, the children in Class 9 visited LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, Manchester for their end of year trip. We learnt all about gears and made spinning tops and launchers before enjoying the rides, 4D cinema and soft play. We also discovered how LEGO was made had lots of opportunities to test Read more…

Star Bakers

Class 14 designed, planned and baked their own cakes this week in Design & Technology lessons. These cakes were then judged by governors and the PLT as a part of the Harwood Park Bake Off. All groups did a great job and thank you to Miss Williams for leading the Read more…

Star Bakers!

Class 14 are preparing for the Great Harwood Park Bake Off. Yesterday we researched famous bakers, recipes and ingredients. Everyone picked three cakes to draw and then noted down the necessary ingredients.

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