Pneumatics DT project

This half term we have been looking at pneumatics and have created a model that opens and closes using a pneumatic system of syringes and tube. Our models opened and closed the mouths, we decorated them into monsters, animals or Christmas themed. We have worked really hard and this is Read more…

Shadow Puppets

In class 7 we have been designing and making a shadow puppet in Design and Technology. We looked at how shadows work, which we have also been thinking about in Science. We then made a prototype before designing, making and evaluating our puppets.

Periscope Investigation

As part of our light topic in Science, Class 14 looked at reflection. We linked this to our History topic as soldiers used periscopes to look over the top in the trenches in WW1. Children designed their own periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors.

Fruit Salad – Food Technology

Class 4 have been researching the ingredients of canned Fruit Salad as part of their Food Technology project. It was fun looking and smelling different brands – but the best activity was eating it! Their next step is to use what they have found out to design their own recipes.

Making our Owl puppets!

We have begun making our Owl puppets this week using a running stitch to sew the pieces of felt together.  Children worked very sensibly with their needle and thread and, despite finding the sewing a little tricky at first, perserved throughout ! Well done Class 5!

Glove Puppets!

In DT this term we are going to be designing and creating our own Owl puppets based around our English journey ‘The Owl who is Afraid of the Dark.’ We began today by investigating different types of puppets including glove puppets, finger puppets and rod puppets. We looked at and Read more…

Christmas Art & D&T

In Class 14, we researched, designed and created our own Christmas pencil toppers in D&T. We used felt and decided which other materials we would individually need. We then evaluated the pencil toppers by discussing we liked about our product and what we would change. We also made our own Read more…

Exploring puppets

In class 6 we have been exploring puppets before we begin to make our own puppets based on the book The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark. We looked at how the puppets were made and the colours used and discussed which ones were our favourites.

Light up Robots

Class 10 made their own robot models in DT. There were inspired by reading Ted Hughes “Iron Man”. They had also been studying electricity in Science and knew all about circuits and switches so it was fun to apply this knowledge to make the robots light up.

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