Provision Learning

Lots of fun and learning in provision this week. We have been classifying animals, using adjectives to describe, building fairy houses, recognising alien words, practicing fact families, and even having a go at learning how to crochet!

Christmas Buffet

Our DT unit this term has been designing and making party food. The children worked hard baking cupcakes, mince pies, gingerbread biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. They also made pizzas, jelly and fruit salad. On Friday afternoon, the children had a Christmas party and enjoyed playing games and eating the Read more…

Sliders and Levers

During our DT project, the children have worked hard to create some superhero sliders and moving pictures using levers. The children have followed the design process carefully and created some brilliant moving pictures, which we have proudly put on display around school.

Tall Towers

This term Class 4 have been looking at tall towers in D&T. We tried making them out of straws but found that quiet challenging, it took a lot of perseverance!  We have enjoyed exploring with different materials in provision to make some tall towers and replicate famous buildings.  We have Read more…


In DT this half term, we’ve been studying foods from around the globe. We’ve sampled a variety of ingredients and researched recipes from a range of cultures. After selecting our favourite ingredients, cooking methods and utensils, we became culinary geniuses and rustled up the most delicious stir-fry known to humankind.