Cam Prototypes

In our D&T lessons in Year 6, we learnt about mechanisms and cams. We made a simple cam mechanism of a moving toy as a prototype including pear shaped cams and snail drop cams. Next week we will design our final product and adjust our initial ideas from our prototype Read more…

Pneumatics DT project

This half term we have been looking at pneumatics and have created a model that opens and closes using a pneumatic system of syringes and tube. Our models opened and closed the mouths, we decorated them into monsters, animals or Christmas themed. We have worked really hard and this is Read more…

Shadow Puppets

In class 7 we have been designing and making a shadow puppet in Design and Technology. We looked at how shadows work, which we have also been thinking about in Science. We then made a prototype before designing, making and evaluating our puppets.

Fruit Salad – Food Technology

Class 4 have been researching the ingredients of canned Fruit Salad as part of their Food Technology project. It was fun looking and smelling different brands – but the best activity was eating it! Their next step is to use what they have found out to design their own recipes.

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