Roman Deities

In history we have been learning all about the ancient Romans. In todays lesson, we learnt about all the different gods and goddesses they worshipped. We had fun matching their descriptions to their pictures. Lots of fun stories and ideas!

Branching Databases

Today was our first lesson in databases. We have been working practically to learn about branching databases. Using yes no questions we were able to sort the data until we found our answer. A bit like the game Guess Who.

Wear your Scarf to School Day

This week was Children’s Mental Health Week. At Harwood Park, we believe Mental wellbeing is essential for all children. In school we use SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship) to teach children about positive mental health. We finished the week by holding a ‘wear your scarf to school’ day’! Read more…

Safer Internet Day

We spoke about how we can made the internet a safer and better place. We discussed how to stop online bullies and what to do if someone says something unkind to us. We have drawn emojis to describe how certain comments would make us feel.

Erosion Experiment

We are learning about erosion and how drools can change their form. We wanted to test different types of rocks to see if some erode more easily than others. By rubbing two of the same type of rock together we were able to compare them. We found that the sedimentary Read more…

The Romans

We introduced our new topic, ‘The Roman Empire’ with an artefact box. We carefully inspected the items and discussed what each one could be. Life was very different back then!