Clay turtles

In class 3 we have been learning about sculptures. During our DT lesson this week we have started to mould and sculpt our clay turtles that the children have been designing. Very messy but lots of fun!      

Moulding with plasticine

    Today, we started to practise moulding and sculpting as part of our topic on making clay turtles. The children practised rolling, pinching and etching into the plasticine. The children in year one are very creative, they made people, animals, love hearts and dinosaurs.  

My Body

Today we thought about which parts of our bodies we use when we use when we do different activities. We worked together to choose different pictures of actions and activities then we had sun doing the actions and deciding which body parts we had used.

RHE – Harold’s Rules

This week in RHE, we have been learning about Harold’s rules. We worked in pairs to come up with more rules that we would like in school. Some children would like friend buddies for the playground in other year groups and some children decided they would like silence or whispering Read more…

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