Cracking Codes

In Class 13 , we have started our new computing unit all about codes and ciphers that were used in the world wars. Class 13 had to decipher different challenges and create their own cipher, to see if that could test others in class.

Describe the way

This week Class 6 have been able to complete a number of maths sessions outside. They have been using directional language such as clockwise and anti-clockwise, quarter turns, forwards, backwards, left and right to direct each other around a grid.  

History in Class 6

Today we have been finding out about historical sources and how they help us to find out about things that have happened in the past. In groups, we looked at different sources about the 1969 moon landing such as newspaper reports, photographs, magazine covers and special stamps from this time. Read more…

Exploring Area

In Maths we have been learning about area. Area is “the size of the space a shape takes up.” We started by counting counters, squares and other objects to find the areas of pre drawn shapes but today we took our maths lesson outside and used PE cones to make Read more…

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