Addition using numicon

Class 2 have been working really hard doing addition in maths. We made 2 groups using numicon pieces and stated the amount in each group. We then combined the two groups together to get the total amount and recorded it on our white boards.

We made woolly sheep!

We have been learning lots of interesting facts about farm animals in Linked Learning. This week we learnt about sheep. We learnt what male, female and baby sheep are called and watched a video of a farmer shearing a flock of sheep. We made paper plate sheep to hang up Read more…

Non-fiction Text

In English we have began our new topic by reading a non-fiction text about Ducks. We picked out lots of new vocabulary from the text and looked the meaning of the words up in dictionaries. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary this week, for example, webbed feet, drake, waterproof Read more…

Class 2’s Assembly

Well done class 2 for your lovely assembly on keeping fit and healthy. You all did a super job of learning your lines and singing our healthy eating song. Thank you to all of the parents who came to support. 

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