Experimenting with rain clouds!

Today we worked practically to investigate what happens when it rains. We watched a short video about the water cycle and why it rains. We then used shaving foam and blue food dye as pretend rain clouds and rain to understand that when clouds get full of water it rains!

Weather reports!

Today we looked at why understanding the weather is important. We then watched a real weather report and learnt about how we can have different weather in different parts of the country. We then worked in pairs to create our own weather report .

Welcome to Class 4 !

Welcome to Class 4 ! During our first few days back in school, Class 4 have been telling their teachers and classmates all of the exciting things they have been up to during the Summer holidays. This week we have been writing postcards to our friends about our Summer adventures Read more…

Our trip to the farm!

Reception have had a lovely day at the farm today. We went on a tractor ride, held and fed the animals, went on a donkey ride and watched the farmer milking the cows. All of the children really enjoyed their day exploring the animals at the farm.

EYFS Sports Day!

Reception had a super morning at our sports day. We took part in lots of different activities, including: egg and spoon race, running race, long jump, penalty shoot out and many more! All of the children tried their best on each activity. A big thank you to all of our Read more…

Outdoor Water Fun

Reception have been enjoying the sunshine this week, playing outside in our water area. Children have been filling up buckets and making full, half full and empty. We also used the outdoor scales to find which bucket of water were the heaviest and the lightest and we tried to make Read more…

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