Monster Kickabout

This week, we’ve been taking part in the ‘Monster Kickabout’ in partnership with Nike and Sports Direct. We have entered a competition to design a new football kit and were set the ‘Goals Galore’ challenge. The aim of the challenge was to see how many goals the class could score Read more…

Netball Skills

In Class 14, our PE topic has been netball. We have practiced different skills including chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass. We have also been improving our shooting skills to score points. This week, we have used team work and tactics in small netball matches and developed our understanding Read more…

Hockey Heroes

This half term in PE, we have been learning how to play hockey. We started by learning how to hold the stick correctly and manipulate it so that we’re only ever using the flat side of the stick to hit the ball. Then we moved on to passing and tackling.

Reindeer Run!

Class 14 took part in the Reindeer Run to raise money for Springhill Hospice. Children joined in with Christmas related relay games and ran laps of the playground. They put in a lot of effort for a worthy cause. Thank you to all families for your generous donations.

Fantastic Football!

Today in Class 13,  we have been practicing our football skills. In the next few weeks  we will be mastering some key football techniques. In today’s lesson we started to master our passing skills. By using the side of their foot, children could control how powerful and in what direction Read more…

PE In Class 13 : Basketball

This week Class 13 have been practicing their basketball skills in PE.  We perfected skills like passing and dribbling through cones. The lesson has helped the children understand how to control the ball as they move. As well as practicing practical skills, we put them to the test through a Read more…

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