Digital Leader Kids Meet

Our Digital Leaders enjoyed attending Bowlee Park this afternoon for their first kids meet of the year. They were introduced to the Rochdale Digital Leader blog, learned about their first challenge and met Digital Leaders from other schools.

Spelling Bee

This week, four children represented our school at the Arch Alliance Spelling Bee at Milnrow Parish. The children were Aayan and Wayne (Yr 6), Emily (Yr 5) and Cerys (Yr 6). They first round was a written round where children had to spell 25 words, but as soon as they Read more…

Digital Leaders Kids Meet

This afternoon, the Digital Leaders from The Arch Alliance schools came together for the first time to launch the Digital Leader Programme 2018-19. The children discussed the importance of becoming a digital leader and were shown examples of how their role could impact on the school.  Children were then given Read more…

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