Roman Deities

In history we have been learning all about the ancient Romans. In todays lesson, we learnt about all the different gods and goddesses they worshipped. We had fun matching their descriptions to their pictures. Lots of fun stories and ideas!

Artefacts from Grace

Grace in class 9 has brought lots of artefacts into class including Roman coins, Roman dice, bullets from WW1 and a lead toy aeroplane. Our class loved looking at the items and discussing how and when they were used.

Provision Learning

Lots of fun and learning in provision this week. We have been classifying animals, using adjectives to describe, building fairy houses, recognising alien words, practicing fact families, and even having a go at learning how to crochet!

A royal tea party

This afternoon Class 4 learnt about Queen Elizabeth II and why she was special. We looked her life and her reign and what she loved doing when she wasn’t doing her royal duties. We learnt that she loved dogs, especially corgi’s, she loved walking and she always had high tea Read more…

The Romans!

Today in history, we have started our new unit on the Romans. Class 7 have been really excited to learn about the Roman Empire and have been researching some facts over the Christmas holidays. Today, we looked at some special artefacts about the Romans ! We had to be very Read more…