Year 2 Easter Project!

Hello Class 5 and 6,

Firstly, we hope you are all okay and keeping safe! Also, well done on completing your first two weeks of home learning! 

Secondly, as it is now the Easter Holidays, we will not be setting you daily learning tasks on the blog because you have earned a well-deserved break! We are, however, setting you one project to complete over the two weeks and will also be giving you some optional Easter-themed activities to try!

History Project – Famous people from the past

Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale are both significant (important) individuals from the past who have contributed to national and international achievement.

Neil Armstrong was a pilot, astronaut and engineer who was the first person to walk on the moon.

Florence Nightingale was a nurse during the Crimean War and the founder of modern nursing.

Your job over Easter is to research one of these historical figures. Find out about his/her personal life (where/when were they born?, what was their childhood like?, what was their education like?, what did they do for a job?) and why was he/she famous (what did he/she do that made history?).

You can present your work as a piece of informational writing with a title, sub-headings, pictures & captions (similar to our non-fiction Barn Owl reports) either hand-written or typed on the computer, as a poster, model or PowerPoint. Be creative! You could even make a video if you are feeling up to a challenge!

You may find these websites helpful in your research:


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