One more

In maths, we have been exploring one more with numbers to 5. We made one more stories “first I had 2 counters, then 1 joined, now I have 3 counters”. We made one more stories using different objects in our classroom, for example, animals, cars and dinosaurs.

More or Fewer?

In Reception we have been comparing quantities and using the language more and fewer. We used Cheerios and spaghetti to represent fruit skewers and compared amounts with our partners -they tasted good too!

Number bonds within 10

In Arithmetic we are focusing on number bonds within 10. Number bonds are vital to understanding how numbers work. This week we have been using cubes and part-part-whole models to create as many number bonds within 10 as possible and putting these into number sentences. Keep practicing guys!  

Power Maths

Class 13 have been enjoying using Power Maths for our Maths lessons this year. Today, we practically explored representations of square and cube numbers using a range of resources. We noticed how they are visually different and understand why the cube of a number is larger than the square of Read more…

Tens and ones

In Class 6 we have been refreshing our brains of all our maths skills before we start our Power Maths next week. We were able to use dienes to show the tens and ones in lots of 2-digit numbers. Miss sharp was very impressed when we could add and take Read more…

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