Outstanding Maths

Class 11 have been working excellently on subtraction of fractions. This process involves many steps: identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers, converting between the two, exchanging and simplifying whilst subtracting. It has been very challenging but the children have worked excellently — including coaching each other and verbalising their methods Read more…


Class 11 have completed their Power Maths unit on multiplication and division. This unit of work included using both operations, inverse operations, square numbers and cubed numbers. Here the class are using cubes to help them identify cubed numbers.

National Maths Week in Class 4

This week has been national maths week and to celebrate in Class 4 we have made our very own number bonds to 10 paper plate! We matched each number bond to 10 using ribbon and plastercine. This will help us with our maths homework at home.

Times Table Rock Stars!

In Class 13 this week, we have been celebrating Maths week! In celebration of our favourite numerical topic, we have been taking part in the Times Table Rock Stars national competition. The children have t compete in different games to earn points, which give our class an average score. It’s Read more…

National Maths Week

This week is National Maths Week. Class 1 have been learning about adding 1 more and finding 1 less of a number, aswell as practising their number recognition. Today the children hunted for numbers in rainbow spaghetti using tweezers to develop their fine motor. When they found a number they Read more…

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