Telling the time

In Math, we have been completing a unit on telling the time. We are looking specifically at how to tell the time to o’clock, half-past, quarter-past and quarter-to. We are also practising telling the time to 5 minutes, thinking about how we can count in 5s around the clock to Read more…

Describe the way

This week Class 6 have been able to complete a number of maths sessions outside. They have been using directional language such as clockwise and anti-clockwise, quarter turns, forwards, backwards, left and right to direct each other around a grid.  

TT Rockstar Competition

We recently had an intense times tables competition across the whole of year 4! The competition was all about raising coins through answering questions correctly. And there was a small difference between positions but our winner was none other than Fares! we’re super impressed with everyone’s efforts towards the competition Read more…

Fraction Pirates

Class 10 got sent on a great mission yesterday to work out the combination to an old pirate treasure chest. The combination was 6 fraction problems, spread out around the room, that they had to solve and put into numerical order! Everyone worked really hard and we’re super impressed with Read more…

Tenths and Hundredths

To start our exploration of fractions this week, we looked at dividing one whole into tenths and hundredths. To support us with this, we used the base ten equipment to make different hundredths fractions and looked at how we could partition this then into tenths and hundredths. It was a Read more…

Finding the Area

We had an awesome lesson yesterday as we looked around the playground, measuring different objects area’s  we found out that the area of the huge square outside was 24 cones times 24 cones!  We also used this time to remind ourself of the difference between area and perimeter!    

Exploring Area

In Maths we have been learning about area. Area is “the size of the space a shape takes up.” We started by counting counters, squares and other objects to find the areas of pre drawn shapes but today we took our maths lesson outside and used PE cones to make Read more…

Learning about length

Today Reception have been learning about length. We been using the words ‘longer’ and ‘shorter’ to describe different objects. We made our own caterpillars out of playdough and compared them to each other’s to see which is longer and which is shorter.

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