Power Maths

In Class 10, we have been exploring decimals in more depth. First, we found number bonds of tenths and hundredths to 1. Next, we represented decimals on place value grids and use these grids to help us compare decimals. Now, we are beginning to use diagrams to understand the decimal Read more…


In Class 13 we have started our new maths topic, Ratio. The children have not seen ratio before, so to introduce them to the topic we decided to use counters. We explored how we could express different ratios with different amounts of counters and wrote down a sentence to explain Read more…

Outstanding Maths

Class 11 have been working excellently on subtraction of fractions. This process involves many steps: identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers, converting between the two, exchanging and simplifying whilst subtracting. It has been very challenging but the children have worked excellently — including coaching each other and verbalising their methods Read more…


Class 11 have completed their Power Maths unit on multiplication and division. This unit of work included using both operations, inverse operations, square numbers and cubed numbers. Here the class are using cubes to help them identify cubed numbers.

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