My Body

Today we thought about which parts of our bodies we use when we use when we do different activities. We worked together to choose different pictures of actions and activities then we had sun doing the actions and deciding which body parts we had used.

Pitch Perfect!

We have rounded off our Science topic on sound this week by investigating pitch. Frist we got out the glockenspiels and investigated how the pitch of each note was different and why that might be. We concluded that the pitch changed depending on the length of the keys. The longer Read more…

Science week!

Class 10 have had an amazing, science filled afternoon! We talked all about where and how certain fruit and vegetables grow, including why things like lemons and grapes don’t grow in the UK! To top it off, we created our own healthy breakfast smoothies! We tried lots of different ingredients Read more…

British Science Week

 Class 6 enjoyed taking part in British Science Week 2022. The theme for British Science Week this year was ‘Growth’.  Class 6 explored the soil around school and learnt about the hidden world of wonderful, working worms. Worms are incredible recycling engineers, creating super soil for everything that grows, including trees, Read more…

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