We have been growing lots of different plants this week. We have planted sunflower seeds, radish seeds and french beans. We are going to observe the progress over the next few weeks.


During the spring term, class 7 planted their very own sunflower seeds during their science lesson! Over the past few weeks, we have been watching them grow, which has been very exciting! This week, the children got to plant their sunflowers in the allotment so that they had more room Read more…

Provision Learning

Lots of fun and learning in provision this week. We have been classifying animals, using adjectives to describe, building fairy houses, recognising alien words, practicing fact families, and even having a go at learning how to crochet!

Erosion Experiment

We are learning about erosion and how drools can change their form. We wanted to test different types of rocks to see if some erode more easily than others. By rubbing two of the same type of rock together we were able to compare them. We found that the sedimentary Read more…

What colour is light?

In the science unit Seeing Light, Class 14 investigated the question: What colour is light? They shone a torch onto a shadow and watched how the ray of light refracted and split into the 7 colours of the spectrum.

Science Ambassadors

On 22nd November the Year 5 and 6 Science Ambassadors attended a meeting at Hopwood Primary School. They worked with Ambassadors from other primary schools to complete investigations working towards achieving the Crest All Superstar Challenge. They had a great afternoon and showing all four of the core values!