Excellent Electricity

This half term, Class 9 have been learning all about electricity. We have been exploring how to build a circuit, thinking carefully about the components needed to make the bulb light up. We also investigated  different materials to see which would conduct electricity.

Light and dark

In Science our first topic is Light and Shadow. In our second lesson we talked about the difference between light and dark. Then we looked at two pictures of Manchester in light and dark and wrote about what was the same and what was different to show our understanding.

Water Cycle in a Bag

Class 9 had fun making the water cycle in a bag this week in Science.  This activity was a fun way to learn about the role that evaporation and condensation play in our weather.  They bags are taped to the window so we can watch closely to see our oceans Read more…

Science – planting

This term we planted gladioli bulbs, sunflowers and tomatoes. We have watched them grow alongside our topic work on plants. We have really enjoyed watching them grow and you can continue to watch them from the front of school.

Gear Ratios

In Class 11’s final Forces lesson we explored the mechanism and uses of gears. We then created our own gears and explored how the different sizes of the gears effects the number of revolutions.  

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