Experimenting with rain clouds!

Today we worked practically to investigate what happens when it rains. We watched a short video about the water cycle and why it rains. We then used shaving foam and blue food dye as pretend rain clouds and rain to understand that when clouds get full of water it rains!

Weather Forecasts

In Science, Class 3 have been learning all about seasonal changes and the weather. This week we watched the weather forecast and began to recognise different weather conditions. We presented our own weather reports using a map of the United Kingdom.

Weather reports!

Today we looked at why understanding the weather is important. We then watched a real weather report and learnt about how we can have different weather in different parts of the country. We then worked in pairs to create our own weather report .

Investigating sound

On Friday class 6 learnt all about Alexander Graham Bell and looked at telephones through the years. To investigate sound we made our own string telephones, and with different variables – long string, short string, holding the cups loose or tight, and wool – we investigated how sound travels through Read more…

Lightbulb moment! 💡

This term our Science topic is Circuits. We learnt the universal symbols to use for various components of circuits and drew these circuits including buzzers and motors. We then created these circuits and discussed what happens when we add more voltage using batteries. Our lessons so far have inspired us Read more…

Super Scientists!

Our learning journey for Science this term is all about Super Scientists! We have begun our science lessons by researching Isaac Newton and why he is famous.  Last week we learnt that Isaac Newton discovered the theory of gravity and carried out our own experiment to investigate the effect gravity Read more…

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