Science investigation

Class 13 have been learning about Light this half-term.

As part of this topic, we investigated Isaac Newton’s discovery that light is made up of a spectrum of colours. Once you slow down the light waves, you are able to see the individual colours that make white light.


We made our own wheels of colour and spun them quickly to demonstrate Newton’s theory. (more…)

Solar System

Class 11 set about producing scale models of the planets in our solar system this week. Using scientific data to create correctly sized scaled-down representations of the planets, they were able to visualise the sheer scale of the planet sizes.

Rain in a Jar

This week in Science, Class 3 learnt how to identify rain clouds and what happens when it rains. We made our own rain in a jar using shaving foam and blue food colouring. As our cloud filled up, the food colouring fell down into the water creating a rain-like effect. We Read more…

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