World Book Day 2021!

Welcome to World Book Day 2021! Things are a little bit different this year but your teachers have all planned lots of exciting activities for you to do (both at home and school) today. Let us know what you have got up to on our school Padlet . You could tell us what your favourite book is,  send pictures of the activities you have done at home or let us know what you are Read more…


For our RE topic we have been learning all about the Jewish religion. This week we have learnt all about Chanukah and how it is celebrated within the Jewish community. We looked at and researched the Hanukiah, dreidel and some of the delicious foods that are eaten. We talked about why and how they are used during Chanukah and how they remind Jewish people of the miracle that happened.

Outstanding Maths

Class 11 have been working excellently on subtraction of fractions. This process involves many steps: identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers, converting between the two, exchanging and simplifying whilst subtracting. It has been very challenging but the children have worked excellently — including coaching each other and verbalising their methods brilliantly.  

Digital Footprints

Class 11 have been learning about their digital footprints — focusing on  how and why different companies use our personal information. The children considered the different online services and products that they themselves use and log in to. We discussed the importance of ensuring our privacy is respected and that we remain safe online.

Safer Internet Day

This year the theme for Safer Internet Day is: An Internet We Trust. Children at home and in school watched an interactive assembly about Safer Internet Day and trusting what we see online. We joined in with a quiz if we trusted the website or message. We gave it a T for trust and a C for check. Children at home and in school then played a game on PowerPoint to match up if they Read more…

RHE – Express Yourself

In celebration of  Children’ s Mental Health Week we have encouraged the children to express themselves!  We started the week by drowning a monster; each feature of our monsters represented part of our personality! We also took part in a live assembly, which allowed us to hear different famous faces talk about how they express themselves. We finished the week by dressing to express wearing bright colours and things that represented ourselves! We also had Read more…

Internet Safety Day – An Internet We Trust

This week in Class 13  we have explored the world of interent safety, in celebration of Inter net Safety Day! The theme for 2021 is all about what we can trust on the internet. During our computing lesson, we discussed what things on the internet we can trust and which things we should check before clicking on to them. We also talked about who we could trust online; thinking about when we are playing games Read more…

Children’s Mental Health Week

For children’s mental health week, we thought about how we express our feelings. The children in school made feeling scribbles, where they took their pencil for a walk and then chose colours for their feelings. If they were feeling a lot of an emotion then they coloured lots of big sections, if they were only feeling that emotion a little bit, then they coloured fewer, smaller pieces. The children who were working from home were Read more…

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