Anti-bullying Week

After the Anti-bullying performance, Year 6 focused on the role of a bystander. We used the Anti-bullying website to watch videos that children had made and then discussed the different roles of a bystander: reinforcer, assistant, outsider and an upstander. We explored the ways we could be an upstander to help stop bullying. We then finished the lesson by taking part in a secret guardian angel task. Each child picked a name out of the Read more…

Anti-bullying week!

On Friday as part of Anti-bullying week we discussed toothpaste words! We emptied tubes of toothpaste on to paper plates and using skewers, we tried to get as much toothpaste as possible back in to the tube. This proved very difficult! We discussed words and/or phrases that have been said to us in the past that have hurt us and called these toothpaste words! The toothpaste that we squeezed acted as the hurtful words that Read more…

Children in Need

Class 2 have taken part in Children in Need by dressing up in Yellow clothes and wearing spots! The children have taken part in lots of different Pudsey activities today from colouring Pudsey in to painting spots on Pudsey’s bandana.

Be a Hero, Be an ‘Upstander’!

As part of Anti-Bullying week, class 12 focused on how we can avoid being a bystander when bullying occurs and instead be an ‘upstander’ – someone who stands up to bullying. We looked at different scenarios and came up with lots of ideas and ways we could help someone in a difficult situation. We created superheroes to go with our ideas. We also signed the Power of One oath board.

Expanded noun phrases!

Today in English we came up with some adjectives to describe a scene from the Polar Express in preparation for writing our setting descriptions next week!  In pairs, the children then wrote these on to pink card before combining them with a noun of their choice to create an expanded noun phrase. We focused on the four senses: see, hear, smell and touch. The children came up with some fantastic expanded noun phrases for all Read more…

Shrinking down the solar system

In class 12, we are a few lessons into understanding the solar system particularly the sun, planets and moons. This lesson, we explored the sizes of the planets in relation to each other, its really difficult to comprehend the actual size difference between each planet of the solar system as well as comparing them to the sun. So we worked together to create a scaled down version of each planet and placed them in order Read more…

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