The Three Little Pigs

We have been reading the Three Little Pigs in nursery and the children are really enjoying it! They are starting to repeat phrases from the story and answering questions about the story such as, “which house did the wolf blow down?” “which house was the strongest house?”

We Made a large house outside out of the bricks, the children pretended to be pigs and the wolf saying phrases such as “little pig, little pig let me come in!”

The children have also enjoyed making pig faces, independently placing facial features in the correct places.

We have re-enacted the story using the puppets and theatre stand. Also, children have independently re-enacted the story in the home corner and role play areas.

We have had lots of fun so far reading about the Three Little Pigs.


Netball Superstars

This half term in PE, we are learning to play netball. We have practiced the different passes (chest pass, bounce pass & overhead pass) and have practiced pivoting round on one foot, as netball players aren’t allowed to move when in possession of the ball. This week, we looked at shooting and then put all our skills into practice by playing short 4v4 matches.

Cam Prototypes

In our D&T lessons in Year 6, we learnt about mechanisms and cams. We made a simple cam mechanism of a moving toy as a prototype including pear shaped cams and snail drop cams. Next week we will design our final product and adjust our initial ideas from our prototype today.

Our families

This term Reception are focusing on the topic ‘Our families’.  This week we have talked about our own families and who lives in our house. The children have been role playing families in the home corner, making paper dolls and painting pictures of their families faces in the creative area.        

PLT Election

This week in Class 9, we held our election for our Primary Leadership Team representatives. The winning candidates were Nicola and Lily-Mae. The candidates were asked to design their dream school and then we held an anonymous vote to select the two who the children thought had the best ideas. 

Class 9’s First Week

We have a had a great first week and are really enjoying being back at school. We have been getting used to the  new rules and routines and easing back into our learning.  We have really enjoyed the team building challenges, particularly seeing which table could make the longest paper chain.    

Year 6 Leaver’s Video

Please find the link below for the Year 6 Leaver’s video for Class 13 and Class 14. Thank you to the families of Class 13 and Class 14 for your support during this unpredictable year and thank you to our wonderful classes for making this year so brilliant! We hope you enjoy the video and have a wonderful time in high school! From Miss Dytch & Miss Roles 🙂

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