Would you like to live in the city or by the sea?

In our Literacy text Stormbreaker, the main character Alex lives in Chelsea in London. During his spy mission he travels to a fishing village in Cornwall. For our Language and Communication lesson, we discussed whether we would prefer to live in the city or by the sea. We shared these ideas with our partner and made a class chart comparing the two places. Children then wrote a paragraph sharing their own views on this subject. Which would you prefer?


Language and Communication Games

This week week before our Language and Communication lesson we played a speaking and listening game called headbands. Using post it notes we had to pick and object place or person which was then stuck onto our partners head for them to then ask questions about who or what they could be. There were some interesting choices and everyone enjoyed having a go!    

PLT – First Task

Michael and Olly lead the first PLT discussion with Class 14 today. They started to gather fundraising ideas and Christmas competition suggestions. They were responsible for collecting ideas from the class ready to feedback to Miss Lee. Watch this space for upcoming events…  

Class 5 Home Learning – Friday 16th October

Hi Class 5! A huge well done to all of you who are accessing the online lessons and completing the work set. I know it hasn’t been easy and we are still getting used to this new way of working but you are making us super proud! Keep up the hard work! Below is our timetable for today (Friday 16th October). Please join us for the live lessons wherever possible. If you are unable to Read more…

Class 5 Home Learning – Thursday 15th October

Hi all, this is the timetable for today. It is also saved under the ‘Thursday’ channel. I will schedule the meetings that will take place via video call and they should appear both under the Thursday channel and on the calendar (on the left tab). You just need to press join at the time of the meeting and I will accept you to let you in! I am looking forward to seeing you all again.

Learning is fun!

Over the past two weeks in nursery we have been reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants.’ We have used this as a fantastic learning opportunity, discussing colours, shapes, sizes and exploring action words within the story such as ‘woosh!’ and ‘zoom!’ They have loved this story! Children have had lots of fun, designing their own underpants, junk modelling spaceships and much more! Today, to end our two week story, we made and ate our own underpants toast! Read more…

What makes a good friend?

In Class 13, we have been discussing what makes a good friend. It is important at that during these strange times we remember the importance of friendship.  During the lesson, we had a discussion about what characteristics a good friend has and talked about how we can reassure our friends if they are feeling sad or stressed. The children were then given different scenarios to role play with their partner.  The first round: children had Read more…

Shadows and Science

In Class 13 we have been looking at shadows. To put our knowledge to the test we conducted an experiment! So we could understand how shadow shapes change,  we took our torches, grabbed a handy glue stick and some rulers. The children then measured how the shadow grew or shrank as the torch got closer to the glue stick! This was such a memorable lesson and helped us understand how shadows can change.     Read more…

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