Great Science Share

Year 5 got to have a fantastic time at the Great Science Share with 5 other schools. We sampled lots of other experiments before demonstrating our own. Our experiment was bicarbonate volcanoes. We had a lot of fun changing the amounts of ingredients to see what’d happen.  

Circulatory System

The human body is a magical thing and Class 13 have been investigating how the body functions. Today Science, we have looked at the Circulatory and talked about it’s importance. We have looked at how the heart functions and how it pumps blood around the body through arteries and veins. To show our understanding we have created a life size diagram and labelled the key parts.

Bletchley Park – Research

Today in Computing , we have been researching Bletchley Park and the incredible things they did during World War Two. We looked at the code breaking skills of Joan Clarke and researched why Bletchley Park was significant to the outcome of the war.

Rugby with Rochdale Hornets

In PE this term, year 6 have got an amazing opportunity to be coached by the Rochdale Hornets. In their first session they learnt how to hold a rugby ball correctly and had a go at some catching games. Class 13 were able to work as a team to complete the challenge.


This week, year four started cricket lessons with Lancashire Cricket Foundation. In their first lesson they practised throwing the ball under and over arm by aiming at the wickets and trying to knock them over. It was a challenging task, but there was lots of perseverance on display, so well done to all the children.

Amazing Animators

This week in Computing, we began looking at animation. The children used 2Animate to create simple animations. They drew a picture then learnt how to copy it to a new frame so they could then add to or change it.

Class 13 To The Rescue

Today in Geography, we have been looking at the impact of earthquakes and discussing the devastating affects that they can cause. After talking about the process of an earthquake, Class 13 were given the challenge of running a rescue mission and deciding which tasks would be a priority during an earthquake. This provided a great opportunity to work as a team.


We finished our rounders topic this week with a whole class game of rounders. We had the opportunity to show our skills of batting and fielding. Children understood the rules of rounders including the bases, how to catch people out and how to score rounders. Excellent teamwork skills were shown.

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