Andy Goldsworthy

We have been exploring Andy Goldsworthy in Art and we created a piece of artwork using natural materials. Thank you to all of the parents who sent into school resources for us to use, the children really enjoyed the lesson and are very proud of their art work!

RHE Workshop

We had a visit from Rachel on Thursday from SCARF. We met Harold the happy, healthy giraffe and we talked about our bodies. We learnt about how to keep keep our ourselves happy and healthy. We also learnt about what is inside our bodies and what keeps our organs and Read more…


We looked closely today at different features of a Synagogue and what each feature was used for. We learnt about the Torah, The Aron Kodesh, The Bimah, The Ner Tamid, Tallit, Stained glass windows and the Siddur. We made our own Ner Tamid. Inside the bowl we decorated it with Read more…

Fair and unfair

In RHE we have been looking at what is fair and what is unfair. We looked at different situations and voted whether we thought it was fair or not. If it was not fair, we discussed what could of been done differently to make it fair.  We made a kindness Read more…

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