Collaboration Challenge

This week Class 12 started our new focus for RHE – Me and my relationships. For our first lesson we were challenge to make a tower with art straws and sellotape in pairs using communication, cooperation, team work and good listening skills in order to collaborate effectively. Every single child Read more…

Would you like to live in the city or by the sea?

In our Literacy text Stormbreaker, the main character Alex lives in Chelsea in London. During his spy mission he travels to a fishing village in Cornwall. For our Language and Communication lesson, we discussed whether we would prefer to live in the city or by the sea. We shared these ideas with our partner and made a class chart comparing the two places. Children then wrote a paragraph sharing their own views on this subject. Which would you prefer?


Who Decides What is Normal?

This week’s Language and Communication question in Class 9 was: The vocabulary children were asked to think about included: “the norm” conformity non-conformity unconventional The general consensus in the class was that there shouldn’t be a “norm” because everyone is different and we should accept people for who they are.

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