Emotions in French

Class 11 are pictured here demonstrating different emotions. We have learnt how to verbalise these feelings and emotions in French. Confusion (confusion) Ennui (boredom) Heureuse / Heureux (happiness) Tristesse (sadness) Colère (anger) Solitude (loneliness)

French Home Learning

Hi everyone! Here is some information of how KS2 children can join in with French lessons at home. Follow the link below for instructions on how to do this: https://languageangels.pages.ontraport.net/hs The Home School site is a stripped back version of the normal site. The children will have access to a selection Read more…

Quel temps fait-il?

This half term in French we have been learning how to tell people what the weather is like. We have practised our pronunciation of different weather phrases and learnt to recognise key symbols.  

Quel temps fait-il ?

In class 10, we have been learning how to describe the weather in French. We listened to and repeated key phrases practising our pronunciation. We consolidated our new learning by making chatterbox fortune tellers which were labelled with different types of weather.

Bonjour from Class 7!

This week, class 7 have explored a range of greetings in French. To begin with, we sorted each other into partners to match the French and English words. Class 7 found this very challenging so we spent the rest of the lesson learning the words and their English translation, we Read more…

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