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Computing – Debugging

Today we learnt about bugs and how they can affect our algorithms. We learnt how to check our code and correct it so that the algorithms worked again –  this is called debugging.   well Read more…

Music Lessons in Class 9

Usually in year 4, the children would learn how to play the cornet but, due to current Covid-19 restrictions this isn’t possible. Instead, Mr Dixon from Rochdale Music Service is coming in every Friday to Read more…

Exciting Electricity

In Class 13, we love science. Within our lesson today we had the chance to conduct an experiment! Last week we wrote our methods and predictions; this week we put our theories to the test Read more…

Spelling Frame Fun

This morning, we used Spelling Frame as part of our spelling week to practise words with silent letters. Everyone loved using the app to practise spellings and forgot they were actually doing work because it Read more…

Anti-Bullying Assembly

Class 14 have been discussing Anti-Bullying during our assemblies this week. Today children watched a BBC video about a girl who bullied other children and why did this. She then changed her attitude to display Read more…

Emotions in French

Class 11 are pictured here demonstrating different emotions. We have learnt how to verbalise these feelings and emotions in French. Confusion (confusion) Ennui (boredom) Heureuse / Heureux (happiness) Tristesse (sadness) Colère (anger) Solitude (loneliness)

Class 10 – PE

This term in PE class 10 are learning some new football skills and building on our previous knowledge.

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