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In Music this week, Class 13 have performed their song Happy. We all rehearsed together as a Class and then we tried to add some different parts to make it sound even better! Move over Read more…

Our Family Tree

Reception have been learning all about their family tree this week. We have discussed different strands of a family tree and where we are on our own family tree. Some of the children brought pictures Read more…

WW1 Artefacts

Year 6 used WW1 aretfacts  from Touchstones Museum to deepen their understanding of WW1. We looked at different items including coloured poppies and their representations, a wooden dummy rifle, mess tins, a white feather for Read more…

Remarkable Researchers

Today in History, Class 9 were set the task of working as teams to answer questions about the life of Florence Nightingale and discover what impact she had on modern day nursing.

Shapes and counting

We have done lots of counting this week. We have been using counters to help us count windows on houses. We have also been counting autumn objects. We have done lots of mark making outside Read more…

Children this week have enjoyed designing and making houses using a variety of materials. They have used bricks and tools, sticks and shredded tissue paper. We discovered that the brick house was the strongest, we Read more…

Circuit Training

Class 14 completed different exercises during a circuit training session. They also practiced their shooting skills for their next netball lesson. They finished the PE lesson with a competitive game of dodgeball.

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