The Polar Express

A HUGE well done to all the children in Class 10 who performed the Polar Express so fabulously in our KS2 Carol Concert.  A special shout out to Paul the Conductor who played the role perfectly and did our class proud!

Jazz Music

In music, we have been learning about jazz music. We have looked at where jazz originated and have listened and appraised a range of songs. We were able to test out our skills on the glockenspiels and  began learning our first Jazz piece. We tried hard to keep in time Read more…


This half term, the children in Class 6 have been learning about reggae music. They have listened and appraised songs, identified instruments played and started to play the glockenspiels to a song called Zootime!

Violin Virtuosos

This term in Class 9 we have been learning how to play the violin. We have been having weekly lessons from Miss Hannah (from Rochdale Music Service) and have learnt the names of different notes, their durations as well as the meaning of the terms beat, pitch, rhythm, tremolo and Read more…

Happy Music Lesson

In year 6, our theme this year has been ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. We have learnt to sing the song and compared it to other happy songs such as ‘Don’t worry be happy’. This week we continued to learn to play the chorus of ‘Happy’ on the glockenspiels and it Read more…