Heywood through the Ages

In Geography today, Class 9 explored how the use of land in Heywood had changed over time. Applying our previously learned knowledge of four figure grid references, we looked at historical maps to see what land was used for in 1890, 1950 and 2019. We discovered that since 1890, Heywood Read more…

Water Cycle in a Bag

Class 9 had fun making the water cycle in a bag this week in Science.  This activity was a fun way to learn about the role that evaporation and condensation play in our weather.  They bags are taped to the window so we can watch closely to see our oceans Read more…

Hockey Heroes

This half term in PE, we have been learning how to play hockey. We started by learning how to hold the stick correctly and manipulate it so that we’re only ever using the flat side of the stick to hit the ball. Then we moved on to passing and tackling.

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