Making Hedgehogs. 🦔

In Reception we have been looking at the seasons and what happens in Autumn. We have talked about animals hibernating so some of the children brought boxes in to make hedgehog homes and in the Creative Area we have been making clay hedgehogs. I

Sketching Soldiers

Class 11 are preparing to produce sketches of WWII soldiers. Today the children have practiced sketching skills, looking at scale and proportion, and how to represent different different facial features.

Sketching Portraits

As part part of our history topic, we started looking a sketching and drawing facial features as well as exploring the portions of the face. This will be put into use when drawing portraits of WW2 soldiers.    

Skara Brae team work!

This week we created a model of Skara Brae and created a Stone Age village. We had to work hard as a team to connect our village together in order to link the tunnels together that we have learnt about and the secret passageways!  

Seashell Art 🐚 🎨

First we studied shells 🐚 and looked at the way the lines have formed on them. Next, we created 4  line sketches.Then we carefully went over the lines using wax crayons, and covered our pictures with watercolour paints producing some very lovely artwork. Well done Class 4! 

Cave painting!

In linked learning, we are looking at people and events from the Stone Age. We have focused on timelines and interesting methods of surviving, but we  are also learning about how we know things from such a long time ago. Before writing and photographs, many people would draw and paint Read more…

Shell Art

During our Linked Learning lessons we have been learning all about the seaside. As part of our topic we have created some shell art work. We developed the art pieces through creating observational drawings of shells. We studied the beach shells carefully drawing the correct shapes, patterns and lines to Read more…

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