WW1 Art

As part of our History topic and for Remembrance day, Year 6 created a piece of World War One Art. Children designed a unique backdrop using powder paints and sketched silhouette soldiers to contrast the colours. They then used a range of resources to create poppies including felt, paper, wool Read more…

British History Heroes

This term in History, we have been looking at Heroes from British history. The people we studied were: William Wilberforce Elizabeth Fry Lord Shaftsbury Florence Nightingale Emmeline Pankhurst Winston Church To show what we have learnt, the children chose who they thought was the most important British Hero and, using Read more…

Making Hedgehogs. 🦔

In Reception we have been looking at the seasons and what happens in Autumn. We have talked about animals hibernating so some of the children brought boxes in to make hedgehog homes and in the Creative Area we have been making clay hedgehogs. I

Sketching Soldiers

Class 11 are preparing to produce sketches of WWII soldiers. Today the children have practiced sketching skills, looking at scale and proportion, and how to represent different different facial features.

Skara Brae team work!

This week we created a model of Skara Brae and created a Stone Age village. We had to work hard as a team to connect our village together in order to link the tunnels together that we have learnt about and the secret passageways!  

Seashell Art 🐚 🎨

First we studied shells 🐚 and looked at the way the lines have formed on them. Next, we created 4  line sketches.Then we carefully went over the lines using wax crayons, and covered our pictures with watercolour paints producing some very lovely artwork. Well done Class 4! 

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