Cityscapes – Drawing Skills

Yesterday we we started developing our drawing skills as part our Art learning journey. This term we are focusing on cityscapes, in particular drawing famous buildings in Manchester. Today we revisited drawing shapes and patterns before exploring photographs of buildings in Manchester City centre.  

Colourful Collages

In Art we have been focusing on collages. We have learnt about the French artist Matisse and created our own collage pictures in the same style as his famous works of art. We now understand that collages can be made from materials which are a range of different colours, sizes Read more…

Pottery group

Some of Year 6 have a very relaxing time exploring creative activities on Friday afternoons. This term we are learning different pottery techniques. Here are some photos of our slab pots. This week we had a go at coil pots. Here’s some more photographs.    

Hot and cold colours

When some of Year 6 were at Robinwood, other children from classes 13 and 14 had a lovely afternoon painting. We looked at the colours on the colour wheel that can be considered hot colours and cold colours. Here are some of the results.

Showing movement in Art

Continuing our Art learning journey, yesterday class 12 began to look at showing people in motion. We created multiple sketches which showed small movements ensuring proportion maintain accurate. Our work is already showing amazing progress!            

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