Good morning and welcome to your Wednesday home learning.

Encouraging Quotes for Kids to Shape Their Young Minds - Quotabulary


Your activities today are as follows…


  • Read for at least 20 minutes. Remember – if you’re stuck for what to read, we have lots of recommendations (both on and offline for you to read).
  • Continue to write the story you planned. Today write 2-3 paragraphs outlining the problem that your character will face (such as an evil wizard is going to cast a spell on the world). What choices will your main character face when working out what to do about their dilemma? Will they know what to do straight away or will they need time/a sign to decide which option is best? Use modal verbs to outline this e.g. should, could, might.


  • Complete the long multiplication worksheet. We were doing so well with this before home learning- use this BBC Bitesize link to jog your memory if you have forgotten.

Extra activity

  • In the home learning pack, fill in the mind map of fun things you’ve been doing whilst being at home. It might be nice to look back and remember in years to come!


As usual, if you need any help or would just like to send us an update, either comment on the blog post or send your class teacher an email.

Miss McGowan – class

Miss Dytch –


Have a lovely Wednesday!

Miss McGowan and & Miss Dytch

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