Welcome to Tuesday’s home learning!

Find below your activities for today.


  • Read you reading book for at least 20 minutes today. Make sure you’re finding somewhere quiet and comfortable to do this and it will allow you to relax.Illustrated bookish quotes (avec images) | Paroles inspirantes ...
  • Writing a narrative.
    Write the opening of your story. Describe your setting and character using figurative language (similes, metaphors etc.) and use adventurous vocabulary to describe details.


  • Complete Arithmetic Test Summer 6 from your home learning. Take 30 minutes to do this and mark using the answers in the pack. Pick one or two questions you have got wrong to work on with an adult to see if you can improve your score on Thursday.

Extra activity

Musical rhyme game – Put on some music and dance. Just like in musical statues, pause the musics but instead of freezing, someone shouts out a random word e.g. cat. Within 5 seconds the dancers have to reply with a rhyming word (e.g. mat) or they are out!


We’d love to know how you’re getting on with your home learning and what you’ve been up to in general. You can comment on the blog or get an adult to email your class teacher.



Have a great day!

Miss McGowan and Miss Dytch

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