Investigating Light

As part of our Super Scientists topic Class 5 have been investigating light. We learned about Issac Newton and the discovery he made about light. We used torches and prisms to explore how we can see the different colours of light as a rainbow.

Owl Puppets

In our design and technology lessons, Class 5 have been making puppets. We made an owl puppet to link with our text in English. We used many skills such as designing, cutting, sewing and evaluating. Our completed puppets have been proudly displayed for all to enjoy!  

Meet the Twits!

This week Class 5 have begun reading their new English text, The Twits by Roald Dahl. We have enjoyed meeting the characters and exploring the vocabulary used to describe them. Today we read ‘Dirty Beards’ and discovered just how disgusting Mr Twit’s beard is! We used the text to find Read more…

Super Sewers!

This week in Class 5 we have been learning how to sew in preparation for making our puppets. For most of us this was a brand new skill and we found it quite difficult at first but with lots of perseverance- and a little help from each other, we found Read more…

Making 2D Shapes

This week we have been exploring the properties of 2D shapes. Today we had a go at making them using the geoboards. We had to think carefully about how many sides and how many vertices each shape had so we could make them correctly. We then moved on to using Read more…

Safer Internet Day

Today Class 5 have been thinking about how we can stay safe on line. With the help of our fantastic digital leaders, we learnt lots of useful tips like never giving out our personal information and what we can do if we are unsure about anything we see when we Read more…

Guess and Check!

We have been continuing to work on the guess and check reasoning strategy in Class 5. For our latest problem we needed to work with our partners to find out how many cubes must be on each plate to make a given total. We all worked fantastically well with our Read more…

How can we find out about the past?

Today as part of our man on the moon learning journey, Class 5 have been thinking about how we can find out about the past. We looked at different historical sources from the time and discussed how they can help us to find out about this special event.

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