VR Workshop

On Wednesday, Class 14 took part in a VR workshop about North America. They saw the Northern Lights in Canada, a moose in Alaska and explored New York at night. They also flew over the Golden Gate Bridge and down the Las Vegas strip. The class thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Give Us A Clue

During our RAMP lesson today we read 3 poems. In groups, the children then took it in turns to act out one of the words from the poem. The rest of the group had to guess the word. Have a go with some of the words: dare, cackle, slumbering, immortal Read more…

CREST award

A collection of our finest scientists joined the finest scientists from other schools to do our own independent experiments! Our first experiment was to work out the most effective toothpaste by seeing which can remove the most permanent marker from plastic. Year 6 layed out the data in the clearest Read more…

Painting as Claude Monet

Today Class 14 painted in the style of Claude Monet, a French impressionist painter. We used powder paints to paint his famous poppies painting. We focused on using quick, thick paint strokes without too much detail. Have a look at our paintings below.