Gratitude Postcards

In RHE, Class 14 wrote gratitude postcards to members of staff in school who they were grateful for. Children discussed many people around school who help them including lunchtime staff, cleaners, caretakers, teaching staff, administrative staff and many more. Have a look at the children delivering their gratitude postcards below.


In Class 13 we have started our new maths topic, Ratio. The children have not seen ratio before, so to introduce them to the topic we decided to use counters. We explored how we could express different ratios with different amounts of counters and wrote down a sentence to explain Read more…

World Book Day

Although World Book Day was a little different this year, in Class 13 we still managed to have fun! For our chosen book , we decided to focus on Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling and we recreate the cupboard under the stairs; Harry Potter’s first home. Read more…

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