Class 13 have had a fantastic fun packed day at Robin Wood!  We started our day early with a delicious break and then we headed off to archery. We had some champion archers in each group. After archery, we got a taste of caving and found ourselves in a few tight spots, we even ran our own rescue mission! We then had a delicious lunch and headed straight off to nightlife. The children were challenged to use their other senses to guide themselves around an obstacle course and avoid the pesky squirrels! After nightlife, we headed to the Piranha Pool to solve some puzzles and escape before the piranhas were released. Then, it was off to the zip wire for some fun and games. To finish off the day we took part in the crate challenge. Each team had to build the highest tower out of crates, whilst keeping their balance. Class 13s team work has been fantastic and everyone has tried their best at every challenge.



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Shelly noble · 8th June 2022 at 8:50 am

Fabulous photographs.Enjoy your last day

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