Pneumatics DT project

This half term we have been looking at pneumatics and have created a model that opens and closes using a pneumatic system of syringes and tube. Our models opened and closed the mouths, we decorated them into monsters, animals or Christmas themed. We have worked really hard and this is Read more…

Christmas Videos

Due to the current situation regarding Coronavirus and large gatherings we have been unable to have our traditional Nativity plays and carol concert. However, the children (and teachers!) have not let this dampen their spirits and each class has produced a video performance for you to watch. There’s singing, dancing, Read more…

Hour of code

Today during our computing we did an hour of code. The children really enjoyed coding how the Grinch stole Christmas.   They can can explore more through or googling hour of code.

Spelling Frame Fun

This morning, we used Spelling Frame as part of our spelling week to practise words with silent letters. Everyone loved using the app to practise spellings and forgot they were actually doing work because it was so much fun.  

Collaboration Challenge

This week Class 12 started our new focus for RHE – Me and my relationships. For our first lesson we were challenge to make a tower with art straws and sellotape in pairs using communication, cooperation, team work and good listening skills in order to collaborate effectively. Every single child Read more…

What is God like?

In Year 5 we have been focusing our learning in RE around the question. Why do some people believe in God? We have spent this half term learning about Christianity, what they believe about God and how God might guide their every day life. This week we talked about what Read more…

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