Good morning everyone,

We hope you enjoyed yesterday’s home learning. Please see below for today’s activities:

Daily exercise
Make sure you get some exercise in every day. This could be going for a walk, a bike ride, an assault course in your garden or a workout video from YouTube.

Today’s Maths is to complete the Ultimate Timestable Challenge. Try to do the ones you know first and go back to the others. Why not challenge yourself by setting a timer?



Be a secret agent and break the code



Complete another 2 balloons on your I am an Amazing Person! worksheet.

Afternoon activity

Draw a strange creature.

Purple Mash
Just a reminder…to allow you to keep in touch with your friends, school have set up an emailing service on your purple mash account. If you log on to purple mash > computing > 2Email, you can email your classmates in an easy and safe way. Let your friends know what you have been up to and wait for a reply back.

Don’t forget, if you have anything you want to share and ask please comment below or email your class teacher:

Have a great weekend,
Miss Wolf and Miss Gibson


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