Happy Friday Year 1.

Well done for completing a whole week of home learning. We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Here is a reminder of your tasks today.

Speed Sounds Set 1 – 9.30 am (GMT) Speed Sounds Set 2 – 10.00 am Speed Sounds Set 3 – 10.30 am  

Complete the phonics lesson on YouTube. Read a book of your choice and write a book review. 

Starter- fill 2 bags or boxes with your toys. Which bag has more toys? Which bag has less toys? Take a few toys from one and put it in the other. Which has more toys now and which has less now?  

Task: Capacity more or less.  

Afternoon activities

Help out at home. Take the afternoon to help around the house. You could take the time to tidy you room, have a clear out, tidy away your toys and you could even help an adult make the tea for your family. 

If you have any questions about the work or would like to send us any pictures, please ask an adult to email:

Miss Lee at class3@harwoodpark.rochdale.sch.uk

Miss Carney at class4@harwoodpark.rochdale.sch.uk

Miss Lee and Miss Carney

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