After a well-fought campaign, we are pleased to announce Class 9’s Primary Leadership Team representatives for this academic year: Ellie-Mae and Ayokumbi.

All the children produced fantastic manifestos stating why they would make good Primary Leaders. These letters were presented anonymously to the class and pupils voted on which candidate they wanted to represent them on PLT. It was a close run campaign, with only one vote separating one of the winners and our third place candidate.

We look forward to hearing from Ellie-Mae and Ayokumbi as they work with the rest of the Primary Leaders to improve school life.

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Ellie-Mae Conroy · 25th September 2018 at 5:44 pm

I am a PLT member. We have discussed 2 question in a meeting here are the questions
1. What did you like about last year? like good to be green and house points
2. What would you want this year?
If have any ideas tell your class representatives when they ask you the questions

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