Happy Wednesday.

Hope you are all having a lovely week, and getting to play outside more with it being dry.

Excercise, why not go for a walk or a jog around you local area or park or where you live, see if you can see anything new or that has changed. Maybe the flowers.

Then read some of a book, I bet your all becoming super readers now.

Maths –  Children to solve the answers to the problems and colour in the matching colour using the key at the top of the page.

English – Use preposition and prepositional language to complete the postcards use the bank of words at the bottom to help you.

Mindfulness – Children should choose a breathing activity to try. These should be found at the back of your pack.

Afternoon Activity

Continuing with the fact file – Draw a picture of a famous Mayan structure – Chichen Itza.

we’d love to hear some of the interesting facts you’ve found out. Please comment on the blog to tell us.


Miss Gibson & Miss Wolf


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