Happy Wednesday

What have you found out so far this week? Have you tried any new activities? I hope your having fun.

Todays work

Exercise – do your favourite lock down exercise, what ever that may be but you do have some exercises to do this afternoon.

Reading – Children should read for a minimum for 20 minutes each day. Please ask them questions to check their understanding.

Maths – Children are to divide each outside number by 4 and see how quick they can finish the race. They might want to practice beforehand and remind children of their 8s timetable song too.

English – Complete the summer time comprehension.

Mindfulness – What Positive Have Come From Lockdown? – complete part of the sheets each day

Afternoon activities check out your pack there is a work out for you to do, you can do this with the whole family.

Have a great day

Miss Gibson & Miss Wolf


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