Good Morning


I hope you are doing really well and have enjoyed this crazy way of learning. This is the last week of your home learning consisting of maths and English, next week work will be slightly different. It has been crazy weather recently with rain and thunderstorms but hopefully you have still been able to to get outside and do some fun activities.

Today’s work .

Remember to exercise. I have found it really good playing football, doing yoga and running, why don’t you try a new activity this week you might enjoy they change.

Start off your day with some reading. Children should read for a minimum for 20 minutes each day. Please ask them questions to check their understanding.

Maths – Children are to divide each outside number by 3 and see how quick they can finish the race. They might want to practice beforehand too.

English – Complete the Apollo 13 comprehension

Today’s afternoon activity is a challenge you need to find out the capital cities of 10 countries, feel free to find the countries on a map. Try and find some interesting ones feel free to post them of the blog.

Here is one for you. Jamaica’s capital city is Kingston.

Have a fabulous day. Drop us a message email addresses below.

Miss Gibson & Miss Wolf


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