Happy Friday.

I hope you have had a super week and have learnt lots and tired new things.

Excercise, why not try some some of the dance videos on just dance, there are lots.

Reading, why not try reading someone in your house a story.

Maths – Children are to solve each question to crack the code. Each number matches a letter at the top of the page which will create a word to crack the code.

English – Complete the crazy criss cross puzzles.

Mindfulness – Children should choose a breathing activity to try. These should be found at the back of your pack.

Afternoon Activity – Help make dinner/tea for your family/ people you live with.

Hope you have fun making dinner, we would love to see what you have made. Have you made it before or is it something new?


Have a super weekend, enjoy playing games, trying new things and exploring.

Miss Gibson & Miss Wolf


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