Good morning, the weekend is in sight. 🙂

Let’s hope the sun is shining today.

Excercise, why not set up an obstacle course and complete it with your family maybe do an egg and spoon race or balance something on your head.

Reading- don’t forget to do some reading you may choose to read the instructions to a new game you want to play.

Maths – Children are to solve the problems using their understanding of multiplication e.g. if there are 10 flowers, each with 5 petals, there are 50 petals on all 10 flowers.

English -Look at the letter the teacher has gone mad, correct the use of the wrong homophones and correct the punctuation.

Mindfulness – Children should choose a breathing activity to try. These should be found at the back of your pack.

Afternoon Activity -Continue with your fact file to finish off include Interesting facts that you have found out.  You should now have an interesting fact file about the Mayans.

What is the best thing about living during the Mayan time?


Hope you have a great day.

Miss Gibson & Miss Wolf.


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