Hello everyone, 

Here are today’s activities following your new learning pack.

Read 20 minutes of one of your school reading books or a book at home. Have a refresh of your RAMP reading skills and find out the meaning of any words you are not sure of. 

Maths – To find odd and even numbers. Recap on odd and even numbers by using different colours to colour the odd and even numbers on the worksheet. 

Brain break time! Have some free play indoors or outdoors doing anything you choose.

English – To identify different sentence types. Is it a question, command, statement or exclamation sentence?

Optional activity – A housebound treasure hunt! Create a map of your home and hide small items around it. Mark each piece of hidden treasure on the map. Explain the map to your little one and offer your support for the hunting game in case they need it. If your kids are older you can use word cards describing a place where you have hidden an item. For example: “I am cold and make a ‘bing bing’ noise if left open”. The answer is the fridge, of course.  

See you all very soon!

Miss Powers and Miss Sharp

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