Welcome to World Book Day 2021!

Things are a little bit different this year but your teachers have all planned lots of exciting activities for you to do (both at home and school) today. Let us know what you have got up to on our school Padlet https://en-gb.padlet.com/kmcgowan40/WorldBookDay . You could tell us what your favourite book is,  send pictures of the activities you have done at home or let us know what you are currently reading.

As you have a whole day dedicated to reading today, you will have plenty of time to listen to some fantastic authors reading their stories to you. We have found the best books for your year group and put the links to them all in one place.

  1. Click on the year group links below to be taken to a virtual bookshelf with lots of amazing books to choose from as shown in the picture above.
  2. Select the book you would like to hear and it will take you to YouTube or the World Book Day website to hear them being read.  We can’t wait to hear what you listened to on the World Book Day Padlet! We hope you enjoy.

EYFS – Nursery and Reception classes *EYFS click here*
KS1 – *Year 1 & 2 click here*
LKS2 –  *Year 3 & 4 click here*
UKS2 – *Year 5 & 6 click here*


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