Class 6 had a fantastic day today celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  They all came dressed in red, white and blue and spent the day learning about their allocated decade – the 1990s.

We learnt some key events that happened in that decade and significant people of the 1990s.

We learnt about the life and work of Tim Berners Lee a British computer scientist who invented the World Wide Web.  He created the first web browser and editor.  He launched the world’s first website,, on 6 August 1991.

We made fact files about Nelson Mandela’s life and the role he played in ending the apartheid in South Africa. We worked collaboratively to create a portrait of Nelson Mandela in the style of the artist Chuck Close. We had fun creating the different sections and then revealing the final piece! 


Well done to all children who made fantastic cakes for the Bake-off too!



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