This year we are starting a brand new scheme for our Relationships and Health education lessons. Our first lesson was all about Harold the Happy, Heathy Giraffe and his story of how he realised how the scarf he wore to school one day stood for many things. His scarf left him warm on a cold day, it helped his friends to stay warm when they had left their coat at home and it brought his friends together when they were feeling worried or sad.

Each letter of the word Scarf stands for a different value which we will learn about and reflect upon over the year in RHE.

S – Safe

C – Caring

A – achieve

R – Resilience

F – Friendship

At Harwood Park we prioritise the health, safety and well being of our pupils and look forward to developing and promoting all the above qualities (as well as our own core values) throughout this year.

Class 12 coloured Harold and his special scarf and chose something they will do this year which links to one of SCARF’s key values.


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