Star Bakers

Class 14 designed, planned and baked their own cakes this week in Design & Technology lessons. These cakes were then judged by governors and the PLT as a part of the Harwood Park Bake Off. All groups did a great job and thank you to Miss Williams for leading the Read more…

Football Club

After a break in the Spring term, Mr Stamp & Miss Wolf’s after school football club for Year 5 & 6 commenced again today. 15 boys are attending this half term and all were really keen to show new skills and improvements since we last got together.

Year 6 see the light!

Class 14 have been completing a Science unit in a week, following the completion of our SATs. The topic – Seeing Light – will see the children create their own periscopes. Before this, however, they explored how mirrors reflect light at different angles.

Star Bakers!

Class 14 are preparing for the Great Harwood Park Bake Off. Yesterday we researched famous bakers, recipes and ingredients. Everyone picked three cakes to draw and then noted down the necessary ingredients.

SATs Revision Posters

Year 6 have been working extremely hard in the build up to next weeks’ SATs. Class 14 have recapped every area of Y6 Maths… and have decided to present step-by-step guide posters to the trickier concepts.

Revision with a twist!

Mr Stamp has completed a past sats paper but he is not sure if he got everything correct or not as he was very tired when working… therefore Class 14 are working through his answers to the reading paper and assessing what has been missed or not explained fully in Read more…

Problem Solving

Class 14 worked hard on a particularly cryptic reasoning challenge in Maths today. They needed to draw from their knowledge of algebra, measurement (conversion of) and ratio in order to solve this particular problem.

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