Fastest Finger First

Class 14 completed the first of three texts from a past-SATS reading paper yesterday… with a twist! Split in to their house teams, the children worked in groups to assemble correct answers in the quickest possible time. This invovled heightened communication and teamwork in achieving their common goal. Every child Read more…

The Lighthouse: constructing a narrative

Class 14 have watched the first ninety seconds of a short, silent-film called The Lighthouse, and are continuing the action with their own narrative construction. Using new vocabulary, relative clauses, expanded noun phrases and dialogue including the passive verb form, the class are all going in interesting and intriguing directions Read more…

Internet Safety

KS2 attended a special assembly today focusing on being safe online. All classes in KS2 will also take part in a workshop highlighting the ways in which we can all ensure we are safe when using the internet.

Outdoor Play

Class 14 enjoyed their induction session on our new outdoor playground equipment. The children of Year 6 will help to ensure that all children use the equipment safely and responsibly.  

Reasoning in Year 6

Class 14 applied their best problem solving skills in order to find the solution to a reasoning problem. The children needed to guess a part of the overall answer and continually check if the outcome fitted the conditions of the problem. Lloyd was the first to completely solve the problem. Read more…

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