Star Bakers

Class 14 designed, planned and baked their own cakes this week in Design & Technology lessons. These cakes were then judged by governors and the PLT as a part of the Harwood Park Bake Off. All groups did a great job and thank you to Miss Williams for leading the Read more…

Football Club

After a break in the Spring term, Mr Stamp & Miss Wolf’s after school football club for Year 5 & 6 commenced again today. 15 boys are attending this half term and all were really keen to show new skills and improvements since we last got together.

Year 6 see the light!

Class 14 have been completing a Science unit in a week, following the completion of our SATs. The topic – Seeing Light – will see the children create their own periscopes. Before this, however, they explored how mirrors reflect light at different angles.

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