Party time!

Today we had our end of year party in the Nursery. We did lots of dancing and we played some party games like musical statues and pass the parcel. What a fun last day! 😊 Have a great summer holiday everyone and goodbye from me!

Water fight!

Today in the Nursery we had an end of term water fight and the sun even came out! The children really enjoyed using their water guns and had good aim particularly at the grown ups! But Mrs Nolan and I soon got our revenge! What good fun we had!

Spanish fiesta!

As we have been learning about Peru we had a Spanish themed morning today. We listened to Spanish music and had a go at flamenco dancing! We practised saying hello and goodbye in Spanish. Then we made some potatas bravas and paella and did some food tasting! 


The pods on our bean plants were now ready to pick this week!  We estimated how many pods there were on the plants then we pulled them off the plants. We enjoyed picking the beans out of the pods and then we cooked them and had them in our Spanish Read more…

Special visitor!

This week in Nursery there has been a special delivery! Paddington bear has come to visit us all the way from Peru! He wanted to find out our names so we had a go at writing them on a label. Paddington has been teaching us about Peru and we are Read more…

Fun on the farm!

Yesterday we went to Smithills Farm in Bolton. We had a really great day. We saw lots of animals including lambs, sheep, alpacas and goats and we got to feed them! We watched the cows being milked and got to ride on a donkey! We had an ice lolly before Read more…

Sports day!

Today we had Sports day at Hopwood Park. We walked there and back very sensibly! Mrs Bal and Mrs Nolan were very proud of us! We had a great time taking part in the activities, in between some tears! Our favourite part was at the end when we got to Read more…

Healthy eating

This week in Nursery we have been talking about healthy and unhealthy foods. We have been reading the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We pretended to be the caterpillar and  tasted different types of cheese and lettuce leaves! Yum, yum! We talked about the ones we liked and disliked! The Read more…

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