This week we have been celebrating Anti-Bulling Week.

We started on Monday with Odd Socks Day. It was fun to wear odd socks to school and even Miss French and Miss McArthur joined in!

In our RHE lesson, we thought about the theme of the week: ‘One Kind Word’.  We passed around a paper heart and each child shared something unkind that someone had said to them. When they did this, they crumpled up the heart. At the end of the activity, we could see all the “scars” from the horrible names that had been called.The crumpled up heart showed the damage that words can do – we might not be able to see it but it’s there – and even if we say sorry, it doesn’t make the damage go away. 

We then made our own anti-bullying posters for the PLT competition. As you can see, there were some really creative ideas.


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