This week we have been working hard on our maths in Nursery. We Have compared groups of objects, finding out which group had more. We have looked at patterns and copied them using blocks and pom-poms on top of pattern guidelines. We also looked at sizes, finding big bricks and small bricks around the room. The children then worked on building towers in our ‘builders yard’ making tall and small towers and identifying these. We also looked at the sizes of our hands. We drew around our hands and worked really hard to put them in size order from biggest to the smallest. This was tricky as we all had similar sized hands, however we persevered and managed to get there! We also did a lot of positional language development through playing games, one of these game was putting the bean bag in different places, for example, on your head, under your legs, behind you and so forth. The children really engaged within the maths activities and have had another lovely week! Well done boys and girls.



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