In maths we have been exploring patterns, where we can find patterns, using patterns to categorise and group items. We looked at Rangoli and symmetrical patterns and how it means they are the same on both sides. We decorated some Rangoli patterns, and made some collage pictures from different patterned paper. Children created tigers, zebras, and spotty strawberries, also identified that our clothes have patterns on them too and things all around us in the environment.

We made matching pairs using flash cards and discussed how we know they are the same, talking about them having matching characteristics.

We have grouped items into colours and same patterns, big and small. Children have become increasingly confident in identifying how we can group and match things up.

We have done lots of pattern making in mark making activities to help develop their fine motor skills.

Ask you child if the can tell you where we find patterns? Can they tell you anything they have learnt in maths?


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