During the course of the Year our PLT members have been looking into the importance of recycling. A few facts stood out to us:

1. It takes hundreds of Years for plastic to decompose when not recycled

2. Bottle tops are currently not recycled in our area

3. There is a wide spread campaign to reduce the amount of plastic which is ending in our oceans, endangering the life of marine wildlife.

All these facts in mind, our chosen art project was to create an under the sea themed mural made from bottle tops. After months of collecting, sorting and sticking, we finally completed the project! We have to admit, it looks pretty impressive and surely will raise awareness of the importance of recycling.

Thank you to all children for collecting the bottle tops, to PLT for organising the project, Mrs Short for her painting skills, children from class 11 and Miss Schofield who helped for 2 whole hours yesterday to complete it all.


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