Yesterday afternoon, our PLT members McKenzie and Emma joined some other schools from our cluster for the second time to catch up and share good practise. Each school put together a poster to show what their school council members have been working on since we last met. This was a great opportunity for everyone to discuss what has been successful in terms of school development and which future projects they are planning.

Our focus within our cluster has been ‘recycling’. Everyone had been working on increasing the importance of recycling within their schools, particularly ensuring each class was recycling paper correctly. Our task was to ask all our classes to design a poster which would promote the importance of recycling and make people think twice about just throwing recyclable materials away. We displayed all the chosen posters and let our school leaders vote for their favourites. The over all favourite was a collaborative poster created by a mixture of children from St. Luke’s. Congratulations to them for such an effective design. The process of choosing a winner was very difficult as all schools had brought some amazing and effective posters which all had brilliant elements to them. We have taken the most popular ones and we will look at putting them together for a design to be displayed outside each school. 

We really enjoy our visits from other school council members and their teachers and it’s a great opportunity to see what other schools are doing as we are a supportive network where all schools and children can support each other. Thank you to Heap Bridge, Hopwood Primary, All Souls, St. Luke’s, St. Margaret’s and the children from Harwood Park. See you in the summer for our final meeting!


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