Last week, we carried out an investigation to find out the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth using eggs. Egg shells are made up of the same material as the enamel on our teeth – calcium carbonate. We left the eggs for 4 days to see what would happen.

Here are the results:

Water didn’t change the egg. It look exactly the same 😊

Fresh Orange Juice made the egg shell bubble and peel away 😳

Full Fat Coke made the egg brown and cracked 😰

Monster Energy Drink made a layer of the egg shell peel away 😱

Milk made the egg shell lighter and covered it with a white film 😍

From this experiment we can conclude that sugary drinks have a negative effect on the enamel on our teeth. We know this because the 3 sugary drinks – the orange juice, the coke and the energy drink – either made the egg shell peel or change colour. This shows that the same thing could happen to our teeth! Water and milk have a positive effect on our teeth. Water allowed the egg shell to stay the same meaning it would keep our teeth healthy and milk made the egg shell get lighter because it contains calcium with is really good for our teeth.

We are looking forward to carrying out our next investigation on which material is the best insulator.

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